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Thank you, Dr Harvey, for sharing this insightful information about missions with me.

l strongly believe in and support the idea of missions being given the necessary attention in our Christian fraternity today than just being concerned about the gospel propagation in our auditoriums alone. Yes, the mission may be an easy target but I think there are other components like the language barrier and training individuals with the equipped skills to carry out the task in the order for its operations to be a successful assignment.

However, I perceived the new book on a mission to be full of revelations and a gateway to explore further depths and heights on the subject. I agreed with the fact that the African missionary movement must be far different from the trend of the previous modalities the Western missionaries brought to our forthfathers which robbed African global communities with undeniable scars that cannot be easily erased even to generations.

Additionally listening to Josephs's interview taught me the following lessons;

1. The Young Christian Generation need to acquire new acknowledge by reading from African authors to learn, unlearn and relearn by telling the story from an African perspective than solely relying on western authors who kept away most of African true cultural heritage in an attempt to write about Africa.

2. Being able to identify our indigenous languages( African Proverbs)and integrate them into current day-to-day standards of living.

3. The future of Young African Christians should not only depend on what has already been told by the former missionaries by rather dig deeper to retell what Global Christianity has to preserve for its generation.

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